The second you earn the required number of Rank Points (RPs) in a month (or year, in the case of General and 5-Star General) to climb to the next rank, all of your benefits will increase.

Check the table below to see a breakdown of the rewards and benefits for each Military Rank

Benefits Summary Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel General 5-Star General
Combat Point Multiplier 1 1.5 2 2.5 3.5 5
$10,000 cash available for purchase X
Levels of Distinction Declassified X X
$1,500 & $4,000 cash available for purchase X X
Annual Status X X
$600 cash available for purchase X X X
$300 cash available for purchase X X X X
$50 cash available for purchase X X X X X
Medals of Achievement X X X X X X
Site Freerolls X X X X X X
Enlisted X X X X X X
Points Earned in Weighted Contributed Rake X X X X X X

Rank Point Counters

By clicking the “Rewards” Tab of the Poker Software, you will see your Rank Points counters displayed. One counter calculates monthly RPs earned; while the other calculates your yearly amount. The monthly counter will allow you to keep track of how many Rank Points you have earned in one calendar month. This way you will know when you will be promoted or demoted in the Elite Benefits Military. Remember, the more you play, the bigger your benefits! Please remember that your monthly Rank Point Counter resets at the beginning of every month. You will need to earn the required number of Rank Points in the program to maintain your rank.

Rank Monthly RPs Required
MAJOR 3,000

Yearly Military Ranks

VIP Level Yearly RPs Required
GENERAL 100,000
5-STAR GENERAL 1,000,000

The yearly counter is important as it will keep track of everything earned since January 1st. This will unlock Medals of Achievement and/or Levels of Distinction. This way you will be able to purchase these special rewards worth up to $1,200 for the Medals of Achievement and up to $136,800 for the Levels of Distinction!